Week 10, November 10

Describe three interesting new media technologies that are examples of “immediacy,” “hypermediacy,” and “remediacy.” Can any of your examples be viewed as more than one of these?

How does understanding the material form of your examples help you to understand the nature of their mediation?


One Response to “Week 10, November 10”

  1. Immediacy of a new media can help deepen your experience of connecting with the art form – living through it to experience it. The new gaming system X-box Kinect which is void of the usual hand held controls allows you to be in the game and feel closer to the experience because you are only using your body to make the experience work – not a fake electronic devise that helps transport you there which can always be viewed as a void to reality. In X box connect the actual medium disappears as you are brought into the game. This natural interaction is similar to the physical world we live in. You can say that this game system is an improved technology to TV & Film. TV & Film have transported our minds into the actors & the show story’s experience. However, were never able to interact with them, just live the relationship in our mind. X box Kinect lets us live the gaming experience with no physical barriers.

    Hypermediacy is relevant in many new theme park activities. Not to long ago I took my young son to the New Harry Potter theme Park at Universal studios. The park’s signature ride was a modern day roller coaster in the dark which flew you (like on a broom) through the many Harry Potter experiences from the books. Multi dimensional characters from the book and movie would jump out at you and transported you to being Harry Potter escaping from them. Although the rider was not constantly clicking buttons, dragging & dropping to make the experience happen you were living through different dimensions that this exercise could experience. The constant change that controlling those element could cause were happening behind the scenes. On this ride there were constant multiplicity of actions happening. The space that you were living in through this ride was both physical and representational. The objects flying out at you were similar to stereoscope in which they seemed to be floating in air but very real.

    Remediation which has borrowed content from the past but is repurposed through modern day technology can be seen in the on-line Webster dictionary system. The dictionary has been around forever and it’s content was based on established definitions of words created centuries ago. This content can never be altered although it is very old. The on-line version of the dictionary bring this content to a new experience. Not only are you able to access words quickly the word’s definitions can be spoken to you by a filmed teacher. You no longer need to read the definition but could simply just hear it. In addition at the touch of your finger tip the word can be translated into many languages. All of these tools are under 1 umbrella ready to be quickly accessed. The defining characteristic is bringing definition access to an easier form according to our new technologies. The electronic dictionary is an improvement to the book but is faithful to it’s content.

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