Mr. Dewey

I think Dewey’s belief in looking at intrinsic qualities in the individual artist and his  process allows his take on aesthetic theory to be considerably more flexible than his cohorts. Of course this wasn’t always the case, since Dewey was a lifelong empirical scientist.  However, In art as experience he believed all conscious experience had some degree of artistic quality. In acknowledging whether or not he wouldve been supportive of new media? I believe he would’ve co-signed alot of modern art. Dewey begins art as experience by warning us against museums and rejecting fine art as initial experience. To me this indicates that he would be highly into new media forms and practices and also denounces typical fine art of the euro centric classical variety to be the end all be all of art.

He had humanist qualities in that he wanted to share knowledge and Ideas…I definitely think he was way ahead of his time in that respect.


2 Responses to “Mr. Dewey”

  1. I agree. I often find myself siding with Dewey rather than Benjamin and Baurdillard. Although their arguments are well constructed. Dewey fits my own opinions of art, to a certain extent anyway. New media always seems to be contested. Do you think this is because of its “repurposing” nature or the fact that technology plays such an inherent role?

  2. I definitely agree with the points you brought up about Dewey and I also agree that he would be accepting of new media forms, because of his thoughts on modern art. This seems to be a sure sign that he would accept other forms of media, and be willing to work them into his ideas with regards to experience.

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