Cyborg Manifesto

Contemplating Haraway’s essay, I relate the cyborg’s “blank slate” to that of a newborn child. They are unaware of gender, race, etc. and yet are put on this Earth, presumably to them, to merely exist and inhabit a space. They are empty vessels waiting to be filled. Or better yet, they will be filled whether they like it or not. Cyborgs and children come into a world with pre-existing conditions that they are unaware of, and they are assigned class/importance as soon as (and sometimes even before) they are “birthed”.

Since they are not human beings, cyborgs are technically sexless and therefore removed from having a sexual identity. They are not prone to prejudice or sexual preconceived notions and therefore can be seen for their primary function and not for their distinct characteristics (of which they have few). By giving up an identity, they are seen as a tool and less as an individual. Or is it gender that makes humans dissapear into the masses and lose their individuality? Does your uniqueness make you stand out?

Cool video I found  on Haraway’s essay:


2 Responses to “Cyborg Manifesto”

  1. jenshattuck Says:

    I think your analysis of Haraway’s essay is correct – i.e. she views the concept of the cyborg as liberating – which is why I find it fascinating that in popular culture the cyborg is seen as threatening. The film Blade Runner in particular comes to mind in which Harrison Ford must hunt down the “replicants.” In pop culture, the lack of biological determinism leads people to view the replicants as “inhuman,” which makes me wonder how willing people would be to embrace Haraway’s cyborg manifesto (if one can see pop culture as an expression of our collective unconcious.)

  2. That’s true, it seems that the media is obsessed with dystopian ideologies of cyborgs and technology. Similarly, check out Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” (the book, not the movie). But I myself cannot help being drawn into the same obsession. I think it is easier to be wary of technology than it is to embrace it.

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